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(Photo reblogged from morbid-kitty)
(Photo reblogged from morbid-kitty)

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I really wanted to thank you all for following my fansite!!!! I’ve been a huge fan of Christian for more than 10 years and well your support and help means a lot for me,plus i am always so thankful and happy to hear that you like my fansite : ! THX SO MUCH EVERYONE!!! YOU ROCK! And huge thx to my twitter followers,you also rock! WOW! 491 followers! I’m amazed and well i will keep on rockin and bringing the latest and most amazing news about THE BEST ACTOR : Christian Bale!

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Batman 3 New Rumours : Nolan auditioning Batman 3 starlets!


Rachel Weisz and Keira Knightley are among a shortlist of Hollywood beauties Christopher Nolan is auditioning for Batman 3.

The director is looking for two starlets to fill the two female lead roles in The Dark Knight Rises, his latest instalment in the adventures of the caped crusader starring Christian Bale, Deadline reports.

Also meeting with Nolan for the roles are Naomi Watts, Gossip Girl Blake Lively, Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway.

The parts are totally top secret, just like the role of the villain which Deadline reported last month that Inception star Tom Hardy had accepted from Nolan.

The British actor is claimed to have boarded the project without knowing or reading a script that is still in its final stages.

The third instalment in Nolan’s Batman series is due for release by Warner Bros on July 20, 2012.